СТАРТАП ЦЕНТР - СТИМУЛЮВАТИМЕ ВИРОЩУВАННЯ ВАШОГО БІЗНЕСУ Тернопільський національний технічний універсистет імені Івана Пулюя


Practical Seminar in TNTU Start-up Center

Since "Start-up" assumes call to action, on April 8th 2015 TNTU Start-up center hosted an interesting and practical event at the Library hall of our University. It was aimed at straightforward and initiative people who wish to bring their ideas to life.
An event has been realized in three stages:
1)    14:20 to 15:20 − seminar "What You need to know about patents" from Maria Ortynska, senior lawyer-consultant, director of Kiev based company "IPStyle";
2)    15:20 to 15:50 coffee-break;
3)    15:50 to 18:00 master-class from Oksana Borysenko, president of IT association "Digital Ukraine", director of "Enable Talk", director of "Acrobator" office in Ukraine, BVI consultant (Kiev) on a topic "How to prepare documents for investors" + Start-up pitch session.
7 authors of interesting start-ups participated in a pitch-session:
1.    Start-up project "Developing IT in Ternopil" (team: students of 3rd and 4th years of TNTU Valeriy Rotermel and Oleg Plavutskiy);
2.    American-Ukrainian volunteer project "Boreviter"  (coordinator − Oleh Nazarevych);
3.    Start-up Project "Psychological aid for children with post-traumatic syndrome from the ATO zone" (supervisor − Ph.d Iryna Perig;
4.    Start-up project "2 cups" (team: 4th year students of TC TNTU, author − Vasyl Popovich, coordinator − Roman Borshch);
5.    Start-up project "Eco Soap" (author: Emilia Riznyk);
6.    Start-up project "Cloud service for the varehouse "Volunteer" (LC ATO)" (Team: author − Mykola Sorokolit, 1st year student of TNEU and Vitaliy Sorokolit, mentor, manager of project;
7.    Start-up project "Eco-sauces" (author − Taras Galushko).
Everyone has a chance to personally discuss possibilities of further cooperation with specialists from KIev and workgroup of TNTU STart-up Center.

We do not plan to stop! Because we believe that there is a lot of talented young people in our city who want to realize themselves!

TNTU Start-up Center team wishes happy Easter Holidays!

Answer innovative startup ideas TNTU

With the assistance of the international project TEMPUS «Inter-university Startup center for students' innovations development promotion» TNTU im.I.Pulyuya opened in startup center that will enable students to develop and implement skills in designing and developing their business.

You have a chance to highlight your ideas! Express themselves and present their projects to investors, businesses and professionals in various fields of business in Ukraine and Europe Forum innovative startup ideas.

  • The Forum is organized in three categories:
  • The innovative startup idea (IT, technical, economic, etc. Industry);
  • The innovative idea of "Ternopil - comfortable city for life";

- new environmental, energy and resource saving technologies;

- transport logistics - Recovery of Ternopil Airport, construction of roadside infrastructure, and trade and transport and logistics centers;

- the development of a tourist and recreational infrastructure and support cultural potential and traditions of the city. Ternopil and Ternopil region .;

- sustainable development of human resources and an effective system of social services, youth initiatives, innovative playgrounds and others.

  • -The innovative idea of "Brand Ternopil" and "Brand Ternopil region."

Presentation of TEMPUS SUCSID Project

Presentation of TEMPUS SUCSID Project “Inter-university start-up centers for development and support of student's innovations”


On April 24 2014 Ivan Puluj's Ternopil National Technical University hosted a presentation dedicated to the results of regional Start-up Centers' activity and ways of further successful development of young innovative entrepreneurship in partner counties of the project. Presentation has been carried out within a meeting of SUCSID project, supported by EU program “Tempus”.

 Among the audience of the event there were students, staff and administration of the university, regional authorities, and representatives of universities of Great Britain, Finland, Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine.

 Rector of University, Professor Petro Yasniy welcomed all the participants. Also there were greeting speeches made by: coordinator of a project − Dr. Dorin Festeu of Buckinghamshire University (Great Britain); Dr. Pekka Pyettila of Tampere Technological University (Finland); deputy of Ternopil Regional Council, chief of international affairs and promotion of region − Taras Boruk; coordinator of SUCSID project in Ukraine − Irina Zolotaryova from Kharkiv National Economic University named after Semen Kuznets. Vice-head of Ternopil Regional Administration Leonid Bytsyura has also joined the welcoming words.

 Ukraine and Ternopil Region in particular has a huge scientific potential. This should be used effectively, because implementation of scientific projects into real life allows a great step forward in development of various areas. Forming an innovative thinking of youth has a crucial role. Start-up Center contributes greatly into that, it is now the second year since it works on a basis of Ternopil National Technical University. I am sure that such start-up centers are the places to share the thoughts and promote searching of new ideas, − stated Leonid Oleksiyovich.

 Colleagues from Ukrainian universities and from abroad shared their experience of Inter-University Regional Start-up Centers. Namely, head of Start-up center “First Capital” Serhiy Znahur from Kharkiv National Economic University, director of Start-up center Lyudmila Stihi from Moldavian Economic Academy, manager of Start-up center of Belarusian National Technical University Vitaliy Hmyrak, and also dean of Management and Business department, head of TNTU Start-up Center Pavlo Dudkin.

 Another part of the event was a meeting in Ternopil City Council dedicated to setting up connections with representatives of local authorities. Problems of young entrepreneurship and employment in Ternopil and ways of solving existing problems basing on top-notch European and Ukrainian experience have been discussed.

 Also on April 24-26 participants of Tempus project had meetings with local businessmen and have been acquainted with innovative companies “Integral”, “Ternopil Brovar”, “Profi-Center”, and “Magnetic One”. Presentations about local youth employment programs in Ternopil Regional Employment Center were informative and interesting. Perspective directions of student's start-up projects have been proposed by scientific-production company “Integral” and TNTU Scientific Park “Innovative-Investment Cluster of Ternopil Region”.

Opening of TNTU Start-up Center

Opening of TNTU Start-up Center


On November 22 In Ivan Puluj's National Technical University, opening ceremony of Inter-university Regional Start-up Center has been held. Start-up Center is created within the framework of European project Tempus SUCSID “Creating a network of inter-university Start-up centers for support and promotion of student's innovative projects”  http://sucsid.competence.in.ua/.

 Opening ceremony has been attended by the rector, administration of the University, local authority chiefs, bankers, entrepreneurs and foreign guests. Symbolic opening ribbon has been cut by rector of TNTU - professor Petro Yasniy, vice-head of Ternopil Regional Administration Petro Goch, director of education and science department of Ternopil Regional Administration Ivan Zaporozhan, representative of Lisbon Institute of management and director of company “IrRADIARE” Marcos Nogueira (Portugal), first vice-rector Mykola Mytnyk, vice-rector in scientific-pedagogical activity Stepan Dyachuk, dean of Management and Business Department, director of a start-up center Pavlo Dudkin, vice-dean of Management and Business Department Oksana Harmatyuk, head of international affairs department Valeriy Lazaryuk.

 During the opening of start-up center students made a creative flash-mob: they planted idea seeds and at the same time really planted several juniper seedlings. All these actions symbolized a main goal of newborn Center − to form an innovative thinking in youth.

 Round table “Innovative activity as a factor of providing region's economic development” and presentations of Start-up Center's partners have also been carried out on November 22 In Ternopil National Technical University. Representatives of local authorities, employers, business, and employment services took part in the event. At the same time contact tables took place in universities of Ternopil and TNTU Colleges in order to share the information about Tempus project.

 Trainers of Start-up Center, associate professors Olha Mosiy and Olena Sorokivska organized a first training “Innovative nursery-garden” for teams of departments and colleges of TNTU. Essence of training in form of a business game was to fill in a “Business card”, i.e. propose an idea of business creation, give a company name; determine a possible consumer of a product or a service, which competitive advantages, sales channels, necessary investments in development and realizations of such product or service are needed.

 1. “Aroma of the past” − cafe designed as a cup of coffee with an original building design, stylized for a coffee theme. In menu of the cafe − classic and original coffee recipes.

 2. “Dempfer” − enterprise specialized in production of amortizators for cars, which allow fuel and save electricity in electrocars thanks to two electric coils that work on crooked surface.

 3. “Online” − company that develops a web-site which contains information about what happens in Ternopil restaurants, including the possibility to book a table.

 4. “VXbot” − firm that produces a helmet for computer games which is used to create the increasing presence feel in a game.

 Most of the votes have been given to the team Online.com.

 Collective of Start-up Center invites students, especially engineering graduates to sign up for trainings that start in December with  support Of European project Tempus, to develop start-ups and participate i European, regional and local innovative competitions.




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