СТАРТАП ЦЕНТР - СТИМУЛЮВАТИМЕ ВИРОЩУВАННЯ ВАШОГО БІЗНЕСУ Тернопільський національний технічний універсистет імені Івана Пулюя


Presentation of TEMPUS SUCSID Project

Presentation of TEMPUS SUCSID Project “Inter-university start-up centers for development and support of student's innovations”


On April 24 2014 Ivan Puluj's Ternopil National Technical University hosted a presentation dedicated to the results of regional Start-up Centers' activity and ways of further successful development of young innovative entrepreneurship in partner counties of the project. Presentation has been carried out within a meeting of SUCSID project, supported by EU program “Tempus”.

 Among the audience of the event there were students, staff and administration of the university, regional authorities, and representatives of universities of Great Britain, Finland, Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine.

 Rector of University, Professor Petro Yasniy welcomed all the participants. Also there were greeting speeches made by: coordinator of a project − Dr. Dorin Festeu of Buckinghamshire University (Great Britain); Dr. Pekka Pyettila of Tampere Technological University (Finland); deputy of Ternopil Regional Council, chief of international affairs and promotion of region − Taras Boruk; coordinator of SUCSID project in Ukraine − Irina Zolotaryova from Kharkiv National Economic University named after Semen Kuznets. Vice-head of Ternopil Regional Administration Leonid Bytsyura has also joined the welcoming words.

 Ukraine and Ternopil Region in particular has a huge scientific potential. This should be used effectively, because implementation of scientific projects into real life allows a great step forward in development of various areas. Forming an innovative thinking of youth has a crucial role. Start-up Center contributes greatly into that, it is now the second year since it works on a basis of Ternopil National Technical University. I am sure that such start-up centers are the places to share the thoughts and promote searching of new ideas, − stated Leonid Oleksiyovich.

 Colleagues from Ukrainian universities and from abroad shared their experience of Inter-University Regional Start-up Centers. Namely, head of Start-up center “First Capital” Serhiy Znahur from Kharkiv National Economic University, director of Start-up center Lyudmila Stihi from Moldavian Economic Academy, manager of Start-up center of Belarusian National Technical University Vitaliy Hmyrak, and also dean of Management and Business department, head of TNTU Start-up Center Pavlo Dudkin.

 Another part of the event was a meeting in Ternopil City Council dedicated to setting up connections with representatives of local authorities. Problems of young entrepreneurship and employment in Ternopil and ways of solving existing problems basing on top-notch European and Ukrainian experience have been discussed.

 Also on April 24-26 participants of Tempus project had meetings with local businessmen and have been acquainted with innovative companies “Integral”, “Ternopil Brovar”, “Profi-Center”, and “Magnetic One”. Presentations about local youth employment programs in Ternopil Regional Employment Center were informative and interesting. Perspective directions of student's start-up projects have been proposed by scientific-production company “Integral” and TNTU Scientific Park “Innovative-Investment Cluster of Ternopil Region”.